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Is Your Marketing Missing a Piece? Consider the Independents

Published on Mar 30, 2011


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Puzzle_Piece_optA strong marketing communications plan is essential for any company, especially those just starting a business. So why is this piece of the puzzle so often left in the box? It's simple: young companies look at the huge marketing firms out there and decide they can't afford it. But if they want to survive to become a successful old company, marketing communications is not the place to skimp. Unfortunately, that's precisely where the cutting most often begins, even in longstanding mid-sized firms. Given a choice between letting skilled technical personnel go and letting skilled marketing personnel go in a bad economy, companies of all sizes are cutting marketing, PR, and communications.  Once marketing professionals are cut, these companies are reluctant to outsource, and the reason is the same as for new companies—price.  The obstacle of price is driven by the misconception that giant, branded PR firms are the only safe option. If you're the owner of a small business, especially one that's newly incorporated, the price tag for those agencies is understandably daunting.  But price doesn't always equal value, says Jon Boroshok, president of TechMarcom. "These agencies often come with a premium price and inexperienced junior staff, with no emphasis on value." The trend is beginning to change. Whether downsizing or trying to take a business to the next level, companies are discovering that outsourcing marketing communications and PR to small independent firms can reap tremendous ROI. Such firms often operate with minimal overhead and no reduction in ability compared to the big boys. Many are in the same boat as the companies they serve, says Boroshok. "Like their clients, these alternatives have to work smarter, faster and cheaper in a slowing economy."  The assumption that small independent contractors are individuals who were unable to find work in a big PR firm, if ever true, is at least 20 years out of date. In recent years, many professionals with top skills have simply made quality of life choices, ridding themselves of a commute and maximizing their own flexibility by going solo. The result is often a win-win, creating more affordable, project-based options for small companies with limited budgets.  So big firms might be the right match for you, but don't be overly impressed by a tony address or a high-flying client list. You want your money to pay for results, not the view from your marketing firm's corner office.  Learn more about outsourcing marketing communications on Toolkit.com