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Marketing Advice for Startups

Published on Mar 31, 2011


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Incorporating a business may come in the early stages of a startup or much later on, but what is perhaps the most important aspect of forming a company is marketing, as this not-so-simple task may ultimately determine client or customer acquisition. Today's startups have a marketing tool, the cost-effectiveness of which is unmatched in history: social media. While it should not be relied on as a company's sole promotional tool, social media can help get its name out there and establish a crucial internet presence. Beyond that, consider implementing more creative marketing strategies, such as a customer loyalty program or a contest, as these marketing devices can generate leads and raise brand awareness through networking practices. That being said, owners and entrepreneurs should attend trade shows and industry events to network with insiders and higher-ups. Have a business card ready, but be careful not to be the person running around dishing out cards without much interest in who they are being given to. "For additional marketing, advertising or promotional assistance, check out barter networks, which may enable you to trade your goods and services for the materials you need to succeed," writes Gwen Moran for Entrepreneur magazine. For more marketing ideas vist Toolkit.com.