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Entrepreneurs and the Viral Web

Published on Apr 4, 2011


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For entrepreneurs forming a company, creating viral web content is like winning the lottery of marketing and brand promotion. The level of exposure that is achieved through an effective viral initiative is unmatched by any social media or search engine strategy. However, like the lottery, such a success is extremely rare and even more unpredictable. While the internet does seem to like certain things - lists, political gaffs, people falling off bikes - it's difficult to predict the specific value of specific content. Even so, businesses striving for viral gold may consider their own role in whatever their content is - be it video, a Tumblr blog or an interview with Charlie Sheen. First, recognize that it is not about a business, its product or its service - it's about their content. Whatever sort of brand exposure that can be derived from the content is merely a bonus. "When looking to go viral, the social aspect is more important than the information itself. The key is to make it about the users, not just your information. Remember that users want to share things that define them and make them look good," writes Fredric Paul for the website AllBusiness.com, referring to advice from Buzzfeed and Huffington Post co-founder Jonah Peretti.