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Inspiration, Creativity and the Business Landscape

Published on Apr 5, 2011


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Creativity is one of the most important values throughout the U.S. economy, as it generates entrepreneurial ideas and stimulates innovation. Especially as the the global economy becomes increasingly focused on innovation and technology, the need for businesses to have a work environment that encourages and fosters creativity is ever more pressing. "By being inspired as an organization and as a group of individuals who want to create better and more, and in service of the innovation agenda, it's all in service of a better and more profound group of outcomes," Andy Stefanovich, chief curator at the marketing and innovation consulting firm Prophet, told Inc. magazine. Stefanovich added that the key to such inspiration comes down to "looking at more stuff and thinking about it harder." This idea refers to the need to step outside traditional categories and generalizations to think about why and how something is and then to deconstruct it to see it in a new light. Entrepreneurs forming a company in this economy may consider how their own creative minds work but also recognize that others may find inspiration through different methods. Promoting those alternatives is critical to fostering new ideas.