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Nevada and Georgia Most Entrepreneurial States in the Country

Published on Apr 6, 2011


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Despite having the nation's highest unemployment rate, Nevada boasts one of the highest startup rates in the country, according to Kauffman Foundation data interpreted by CNN Money. However, the poor jobs market may actually be one of the reasons for its entrepreneurial activity. As the recession led to layoffs across industries and job titles, many professionals took to forming a company as a means of returning to work. Nevada, in particular, has been busy passing pro-business legislation in recent years, according to CNN, along with Georgia, which tied for first place. The Peach State also boasts an entrepreneurial-focused education industry with schools like Emory University and Georgia Tech. California, the state many think of when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, fell behind Georgia and Nevada for startup activity. "The Golden State boasts a culture of innovation, many college and business school graduates and the second highest unemployment rate in the country," writes the source. "Apple, Google and Facebook - some of the most successful technology companies in the world - got their start in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas." Trailing the Golden State were Louisiana, Colorado and Vermont, respectively.