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A Simple Correction to Your Startup Marketing Strategy

Published on Apr 8, 2011


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It's tragic, but one of the most overlooked and misunderstood components of a forming a company is also one of the most inexpensive to fix. It's true that businesses both large and small can outsource their marketing strategies, but today's marketing world affords companies the ability to implement massive, low cost marketing campaigns through social media, blogs, email and other online resources. The trick is in knowing how to operate these services effectively. Principally, online marketing should not revolve around the company, because that is, to put it simply, boring to consumers. Company blogs, Tweets, emails and Facebook posts should be about something larger and more engaging than a new breakfast sandwich or line of scarves. "This sounds simple, but it isn't," writes Joel Spolsky for Inc. magazine. "It takes real discipline to not talk about yourself and your company. Blogging as a medium seems so personal, and often it is. But when you're using a blog to promote a business, that blog can't be about you." Once an entrepreneur or marketing professional is able to recognize this, they can begin to approach the medium as it truly is: one giant conversation. So go forth and converse!