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Tips for Modern Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

Published on Apr 11, 2011


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There's a growing disparity between the entrepreneurship market and the self-employed sector. The Kauffman Foundation recently reported that entrepreneurial activity reached the highest level in 15 years in 2010, but data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds the number of incorporated self-employed Americans fell by 641,000 from December 2007 to March of this year. While these studies may provide a conflicting view of the American business professional, there are certain sectors that are booming more than others, with new opportunities developing almost everyday. Consider the mobile apps marketplace, specifically location-aware devices. Smartphone technology has allowed for entire industries to pop up, offering unique phone apps that can help both businesses and consumers. "Many, like the location-aware game Dokobots, use foursquare as a template," Inc. magazine points out. "Others, such as Yobongo or Meet Gatsby, match users up with people nearby. Helpful apps like those ... can find the most inexpensive gasoline or the nearest public restroom in an area." Other emerging sectors, such as green energy consulting or organic food services, are providing even greater opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start a business.