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The Decision to Hire Accountants or Bookkeepers

Published on Apr 13, 2011


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While recent economic reports have fluctuated in their indications of how healthy certain sectors of the U.S. economy are, most analysts maintain that conditions are beginning and will continue to improve. Perhaps the most important indicator - employment - has shown marked improvements in recent months, with unemployment falling to the lowest level - 8.8 percent - in two years last month. But as the economy improves, small business owners in particular can anticipate rising challenges stemming from growth, competition and, yes, accounting. Small firms and entrepreneurs forming a company can expect the numbers to grow as they begin investing in new marketing campaigns and expansion strategies to keep up with the competition, so it may be an opportune time to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant. "When looking for an accountant for your business, the emphasis is on finding someone who will not only help you file tax returns, but can also provide ongoing financial advice and guidance," writes the website AllBusiness. However, it may be that an accountant is either too expensive or unnecessary, as some firms may merely require jotting down some numbers. In that case, startups may want to consider hiring a part-time bookkeeper.