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Turning Sales Into New Sales

Published on Apr 28, 2011


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When forming a company, the first sale can be an exciting event - so exciting that the owners of the new business may neglect to divert the momentum of that sale back into its marketing and sales initiatives. "For smart marketers, [taking an order is] the starting point for the next order and the referral. If you stop your marketing thinking at the transaction, you’ll find it harder and harder to build real marketing momentum," writes John Jantsch for Duct Tape Marketing. Jantsch adds that marketing is just as much about continuing to educate consumers and repeat customers about new products and services as it is maintaining a relationship with them through social media, email, direct mail and other methods of contact. For that reason, businesses, especially those in the retail or services sector, may want to ask customers to join a mailing list or take part in a survey, which will either keep them within a figurative arm's reach or help your company gather crucial market data to apply to new campaigns and promotional strategies. The National Retail Federation reported earlier this month that retail sales in March grew for the ninth consecutive month, suggesting consumer activity - the largest portion of the U.S. economy - is on its way to recovery. Retail businesses should update their marketing strategies accordingly.