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Marketing and SEO Tips For an Improving Economy

Published on May 24, 2011


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Even before the step of incorporating a business, entrepreneurs are tasked with developing effective promotional strategies to spread awareness of their brand and generate their first wave of customers. But as a company begins to grow, it is easy to assume that your initial marketing strategies will continue to work. The reality is that marketing must evolve alongside a business, adapting to changing consumer sentiment, market conditions and services offered by the business itself. Today's business environment poses an even greater challenge, as consumer activity and business confidence is expected to improve markedly over the coming year. As it does, businesses need to adopt marketing strategies that will mirror spikes in overall activity. One place to start is with your company's website and web presence - specifically, search engine optimization. "I know that writing content is a distraction from an already hard and full day's work," writes David Mercer for Business Insider. "However, online content is an investment in your business' present and future marketing, and something that will start working for you as your online presence grows." But be sure to forge integrated campaigns that incorporate media from a variety of channels, as such a strategy will maximize brand exposure and also evoke a degree of professionalism.