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How Digital Media is Changing the Marketing Game

Published on Jun 2, 2011


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The ideal marketing campaign should be something of a back-and-forth between the organization and the consumer they are trying to reach. with a sort of dialogue or conversation unfolding between the parties and each learning something about the other. With the advent of social media, search engine marketing and mobile technology this end has become more obtainable, especially for small startups and entrepreneurial ventures. These innovations have offered marketers access to, in theory, millions upon millions of prospective clients and customers. A newly franchising donut shop in New England, for example, can conduct virtually costless market research and inquiry in Arizona. But as sensational and game-changing these trends are, many leading figures from both the traditional and new worlds of marketing are reminding businesses of the importance to take a step back every once in a while. One such leader is Jann Wenner, founderĀ and publisher of the popular music magazine Rolling Stone. His criticism is toward his own market in jumping on the tablet computer and digital subscription bandwagon. "They're prematurely rushing and showing little confidence and faith in what they've really got, their real asset, which is the magazine itself, which is still a great commodity," Wenner said in a recent interview with Advertising Age, adding that the tablet is "a small additive; it's not the new business," the Los Angeles Times reports. Wenner points to how print can be "cherished" and "held on to," as evidence of what he believes to be a strong future for the medium. But what does this say about the rest of the marketing world? How will the fate of magazine or newspaper publishing inform, for example, a startup debating whether or not to develop a direct mail or print strategy? Most experts agree that nothing is being replaced - just modified. Print media is being and will be forced to undergo a sea change that caters to the inevitability of print. For instance, data show that older demographics still react more strongly to direct mail materials, and other studies have shown that print is more easy to read and retain information from than its digital counterparts. What businesses need to recognize is the value of integrated marketing strategies that incorporate the best of both worlds. Campaigns that balance a targeted direct mail strategy with a complementary social media, quick response code or social buying perk stand a much better chance of improving one's brands and optimizing return on investment.