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Understand Your Demographic for SEO Purposes

Published on Jun 3, 2011


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Especially within the last few years, with the advent of game-changing technologies and innovations ranging from quick response codes to mobile advertising, a slew of buzz terms have graced the business marketing scene and turned the heads of industry leaders. One such term is "search engine optimization." By now, most people understand what SEO is, but few really understand how important it is for an organization's' marketing strategy, especially among people just starting a business. "This is like training camp for marketing and helps any business to see both the market potential in their category [volume of searches] and the pain points most often searched by their target market," writes Michael Brenner for Business 2 Community. However, those beginning an SEO content strategy need to know what terms and phrases their targeted demographics will be searching for and then build a campaign from there. "Once you know what people are searching for," Brenner adds, "you can then tailor your business pitch to show how your company can best meet those needs." Especially as small businesses move to spread their marketing budgets in coming months, the need to have an active web presence is more important than ever.