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Nation's Fathers Having Easier Time Finding Work, CareerBuilder Survey Says

Published on Jun 20, 2011


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Forming a company will include hiring a wide range of employees many of which will likely be fathers which is a job in and of itself. A recent Father’s Day Survey conducted by CareerBuilder finds that the nation’s dads are getting back to work in a big way. The results of the survey found that 84 percent of working dads who have been laid off in the past year have rebounded by finding full-time employment. Additionally, these working dads are working longer hours with the survey claiming most dads cherish their role as breadwinner. “As companies downsized during the recession and work demands accelerated, we saw dads having a harder time finding balance between providing for their families financially and spending quality time with them,” said Alex Green, General Counsel for CareerBuilder and father of three. Green adds that it’s important for working dads to attempt to balance the heavy workload at the office with downtime at home with the family. He recommends proactive scheduling, open communication, and keeping work away from the family.