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Nation's Employees More Accepting of Employer Struggles

Published on Jun 21, 2011


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Forming a company filled with productive and satisfied employees is an integral part of a business's success. A recent survey finds most American workers are not depending on their employers to reward them with raises in the next year, showing an acceptance of hardships that many employers are facing. More than 5,000 employed Americans were surveyed by American Pulse with almost nine in 10 not counting on a raise in the next year as the rising cost of running a business rises. These numbers may indicate that workers are coming to terms with the rising cost of goods and the impact this is having on employers trying to keep their businesses operational. With this reality, Americans are cutting down budgets with the survey finding 71 percent of Americans planning to only buy the necessities as the cost of goods rises. Still, 6.6 percent of respondents said they plan on making no changes to their spending habits, despite the rise in the price of goods. Almost half (49.9 percent) said they would buy more generic or store band products, rather than cut back on purchases.