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Biofuel Conversion Could Save Small Business Owners Money, Help the Environment

Published on Jun 23, 2011


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Incorporating a business and then successfully running that business requires keeping costs to a minimum. Generally, small business owners have only themselves to rely on in order to ensure this but the American Small Business Travelers Alliance is now contributing to the cause. On the heels of a study conducted by Yale University, which found a weed-like plant that can be converted to jet fuel and eliminate 60 percent of harmful emissions while also cutting fuel costs, the ASBTA is urging biofuel conversion in order to save small businesses money. "Public and private sector experts agree that small business success in creating jobs despite critical economic challenges is an essential factor in stabilizing the nation's economy," said Chuck Sharp, president of the ASBTA. "Skyrocketing costs of air travel are a major hurdle but, fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel." According to the Department of Energy's website, biofuel conversion is a complex process which involves the conversion of biomass solids into the gaseous biofuel.