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Small Business and IT Spending

Published on Aug 4, 2011


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Technology is constantly improving, and often times, small businesses have trouble keeping up. Because of this, Netgear conducted a survey to gauge the attitude of small businesses when it comes to IT innovation. Results from the survey show small businesses are planning to spend more, especially on smartphones and tablets. Twenty-eight percent of small businesses surveyed said they are making the purchase of portable devices a top priority, according to TMCnet.com. The website also said, with the use of more mobile devices, improvements of mobile networks are also necessary. Of those small businesses surveyed, 30 percent of companies view upgrading their network capacity as a high priority. To help small businesses figure out their IT spending, AT&T recently announced the introduction of their Recommendation Tool, an online portal that takes the guesswork out of choosing communication technologies. "Given the current economy, many IT decision-makers are displaying a cautious optimism," said Thomas E. Richards, president and COO of CDW. "CIO's are looking at every IT investment in terms of how it makes sense for the business, and our data shows they are still spending on key investments including software and hardware — particularly mobile devices."