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Are You a Small Business Manager or a Leader?

Published on Aug 5, 2011


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http://www.bizfilings.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Leadership-iStock_000009640368XSmall.jpgWhat would you say if I told you that the success of your small business depended greatly on your ability to lead instead of manage?

Some may say that managing and leadership are the same thing. They’re not.

Managing puts you in a position where you’re trying to control your staff. Leadership puts you in a position to support them.

Managing puts you above your staff. As a small business leader, you are on the same level as your employees —  but still retain the responsibility to make sure your staff is getting the support they need.

We manage a bank account, because it needs to be kept organized and financially correct. A bank account can’t think for itself.

We lead our people, because they need support, encouragement and trust to do their job effectively.

Have you ever noticed that many managers are referred to as “micro-managers?” I’ve never heard of a true leader referred to as a “micro-leader,” have you?

It’s easy to resist someone who’s trying to manage you. It’s equally easy to become fanatically loyal and dedicated to someone who’s a leader, because you know their primary objective is to help you grow and be your best.

Which would you rather have working at your small business, someone who's resentful, or someone who's loyal?

Are you a manager, or are you a leader? The success of your small business depends on it.

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