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President Obama's American Jobs Act and Your Small Business

Published on Sep 12, 2011


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http://www.bizfilings.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/PresidentObamaTheAmericanJobsAct2.jpgHave you heard about President Obama's plan to help small businesses, while getting Americans back to work? It's called The American Jobs Act and if it becomes a reality, President Obama could be offering us a way out of the recession. The American Jobs Act includes many benefits  including: (1) Providing tax cuts to help America’s small businesses hire and grow.
  • Cutting the payroll tax in half for 98 percent of businesses
  • A complete payroll tax holiday for added workers or increased wages
  • Extending 100% expensing into 2012
  • Reforms and regulatory reductions to help entrepreneurs and small businesses access capital
(2) Putting workers back on the job while rebuilding and modernizing America.
  • A “Returning Heroes” hiring tax credit for veterans
  • Preventing up to 280,000 teacher layoffs
  • Modernizing at least 35,000 public schools across the country
  • Immediate investments in infrastructure and a bipartisan National Infrastructure Bank
  • A new “Project Rebuild”
  • Expanding access to high-speed wireless
(3) Offer a pathway back to work for Americans looking for jobs.
  • The most innovative reform to the unemployment insurance program in 40 years
  • A $4,000 tax credit to employers for hiring long-term unemployed workers
  • Prohibiting employers from discriminating against unemployed workers
  • Expanding job opportunities for low-income youth and adults
(4) Tax relief for every American worker and family.
  • The American Jobs Act could cut payroll taxes in half for 160 million workers next year
  • Allowing more Americans to refinance their mortgages at today’s near 4 percent interest rates
President Obama is proposing that The American Jobs Act could be completely paid for through "additional deficit reduction," as part of his long-term deficit reduction plan. Click here for a more detailed look at the fact sheet for The American Jobs Act, issued by The White House Office of the Press Secretary, along with a detailed overview of the program. President Obama's act sounds promising. I truly hope it helps America get back on its feet. Business Blogs blog