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Annual Report Deadlines, by State, for March, April and May 2012

Published on Mar 7, 2012


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AnnualReportDeadlinesbyStateWondering when your Annual Report is due? Whether you’re a newly formed company, or your small business has been established for years, just about every state will require you to file an Annual Report. To follow is a definition of what an Annual Report is, followed by a three-month calendar that details Annual Report deadline dates for Corporations, LLCs, Nonprofits, Limited Partnerships, LLPs, and Foreign LLPs.

Defining an Annual Report

Depending on the state you incorporate in, an Annual Report (also referred to as an Annual Statement) may be due if you are any of the business formations listed above. Although many states require the filing of an Annual Report, some require biennial reports, while others require no report at all. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing on states that require Annual Reports. As the name suggests, an Annual Report is a document that must be filed annually with each state you’re doing business in. Although requirements may vary by state, it is typical for an Annual Report to include the following information:
  • The current principal business address
  • Names and addresses of the management of the business (directors and officers for corporations and members/managers for LLCs). This would also include any management changes
  • Number of shares of stock a corporation has issued is also required
  • Who is your current Registered Agent?
  • An annual report fee, which varies greatly by state. In some instances there is no charge, however the typical range is between $50 — $400
For a more detailed analysis, check out Filing an Annual Report: An Overview for Small Business Owners.

Three-month Calendar of Annual Report Filing Due Dates

March 1, 2012 Delaware Corporations and Nonprofits Rhode Island Corporations April 1, 2012 Georgia Corporations, LLCs and Nonprofits Georgia Limited Partnerships and Foreign LLPs New Hampshire Corporations, LLCs and LLPs April 15, 2012 Kansas- All Maryland Corporations and Nonprofits Montana Corporations, LLCs, Nonprofits North Carolina LLCs Mississippi Corporations Pennsylvania Corporations May 1, 2012 Arkansas Corporations and LLCs Florida Corporations, LLCs, Nonprofits, LLPs and Limited Partnerships May 15, 2012 Michigan Corporations Texas Corporations

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