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National Small Business Week: The Socialpreneur

Published on May 25, 2012


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By Brooke Miller Hall   To conclude National Small Business Week, we’re completing our series on different types of entrepreneurs. We wrap up the series with the Socialpreneur. The Urban Dictionary defines Socialpreneur as, “Someone skilled in using social media to build their small business or cause.” Women Entrepreneur has a slightly different definition: “Entrepreneurs who have leveraged the power of social media to start and grow multiple businesses.” In facy, there’s even a Society of Socialpreneurs, launched in June 2008 by two moms who happened to meet online in a group focused on direct sales. The group has grown into a social network primarily for home-based business owners, as well as bloggers who want to build friendships and support one another. “Anyone that utilizes social media to promote their brand are invited to join us,” says the group’s Web site. It also features an award as one of the top 200 in StartupNation’s 2011 Leading Moms in Business Competition. While many take the “social” part of Socialpreneur to mean social media, others take it to mean social responsibility. Some examples of these types of Socialpreneurs include:
  • Jacob Glaser’s Full Circle Threads, which collects designs, photos, drawings and poems from children in need to sell on t-shirts. Money from the sales is then donated to organizations that support children's needs.
  • The Sarah Center in Cincinnati provides materials, tools, instructions and arranges sales opportunities for inner city women to make jewelry. The artists receive 60 percent of each sale.
  • Emily Hill's Stop Traffick Fashion sells bags and jewelry created by sex trade escapees in Calcutta, India and Bangkok. 
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