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Olympics Lesson 2: Create an Identity

Published on Jul 30, 2012


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By Brooke Miller Hall This year’s premier athletic event holds several lessons relevant to your business. We recently shared some ideas about how you can incorporate more ceremony into your operations. Today we’re going highlight “identity.” We’re not talking about which athlete you relate to the most. Instead, it’s fascinating to study how the Olympics themselves have taken on an identity that’s instantly recognizable. There are the metal ceremonies, the rings, the torch – even Wenlock, the official mascot of the London Olympic Games and his buddy Wandeville, the Paralympic mascot. We’ve not necessarily advocating a mascot for your business. Instead, here are some ideas on how you can create a corporate identity that enhances your professional appearance and helps clients, partners and potential customers recognize your company quickly.
  • If you have a professional corporate logo, make sure to include it on your letterhead, envelopes, signage, advertising, business cards, Web site, e-mail signature and electronic documents. Place your logo in a similar location (e.g. centered on the bottom) for a consistent look and feel.
  • Incorporate your logo on any small giveaway materials, like pens or stickers. It also adds a nice touch to wear clothing with your logo at events where you’re representing your company.
  • Use a consistent font (type and size) in all written corporate materials, including memos and letters.
  • Answer the phone the same way. For example, you could use your advertising tag line or promote a special offer. On a similar note, you could use the same phrase when signing off on phone calls or e-mails. A dance studio manager might say, “Keep dancing.” An insurance agent might say, “Drive safely.”
To establish yourself even more, try consulting a professional marketing or advertising firm to fully develop a visual identity for your company.