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Minority Business Centers Help Owners With Business Plans, Funding

Published on Oct 5, 2012


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Before breaking into the local marketplace, many aspiring small business owners might do well to consult with an expert. Minority business owners can take advantage of expertise and financial advice offered at local MBDA Business Centers. The centers are operated and funded through the U.S. Commerce Department's Minority Business Development Agency. The centers "provide minority entrepreneurs with one-on-one assistance in writing business plans, marketing, management and technical assistance and financial planning to assure adequate financing for business ventures," according to the Commerce Department. The experts at MBDA Business Centers can help entrepreneurs locate appropriate grants and fill out applications to attain small business funding from sources like grants.gov, the federal government's grants program warehouse. In addition to major cities like Chicago, Detroit, New York and Los Angeles, MBCs are located in areas with a high concentration of minorities, including: Mobile, Alabama; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Miami, Florida. “MBCs are catalysts for minority business development, and by investing in these centers at the local level, we will see reverberating effects throughout the national economy,”said MBDA National Director David Hinson.