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4 Fast Ways to Make Your Business Greener

Published on Apr 22, 2013


Read these 4 Fast Ways to Make Your Business Greener at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
Recycle Bins In the hustle and bustle of a typical day in the office, it’s easy to immerse yourself in work and forget about the little things that have a big impact on the environment. Although you’ll likely see many tips around the web today, in the spirit of Earth Day, we’ve compiled our own quick list of easy tips and tricks to help make your office more sustainable.
  • Recycle. While this might be the most obvious tip there is, there are too many offices out there that don’t recycle. Employees use tons of paper, notebooks, files, etc. on a daily basis – not to mention plastic containers, bottled drinks and disposable silverware. There’s no reason why these items should be thrown out, when it’s just as easy to keep recycling bins in the office for employees to use. This Inc. article provides some helpful tips on how you can start a recycling program in your office.
  • Use less paper. Last year The Economist reported that paper consumption has increased by half over the last 30 years. This number is surprising given we live in an era of computers, and devices like smartphones and tablets are only growing in popularity. There’s a lot of paperwork required to incorporate a business, register a company name, file taxes etc., so think about how you can reduce paper consumption in your office. Using online file storage, choosing an online service to handle payroll (and therefore reducing paper pay stubs) or passing documents around for review via email to reduce printing are just a few ways you can use less paper.
  • Coffee mugs. At this point it’s fairly well known that Styrofoam cups are bad for the environment – but paper cups aren’t much better. According to the New Yorker, the interior of your typical paper cup is coated with a low-density polyethylene that’s not even collected for recycling in New York City. While the environmental effects of Styrofoam versus paper cups can be argued – in the end, it’s best for your office to just use coffee mugs or glasses to avoid the problem all together.
  • Save power. Today’s offices are equipped with a variety of electronics – computers, printers, scanners the works. At the end of the day, be sure to turn off the electronics so that they don’t continue to use power. Don’t be fooled by the “saver” in “screensaver” – it’s still using power over night and you’re best bet is to just shut down.
Although it can be argued that eating healthy is expensive because healthy foods cost more, the same argument doesn’t hold true for making your office greener, and therefore healthier for the environment. The great thing about these tips is that it doesn’t cost a lot of ‘green’ for your company to go green – these tips actually save money when it comes to purchasing paper goods or paying the electric bill. Making tiny adjustments to your work day, whether it’s drinking coffee from a mug or shutting down your computer at the end of the day, can have a tremendous impact on the environment when everyone puts forth the effort.