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Customer Service Spotlight: Nikki Nelson

Published on Jun 11, 2013


Read 'Customer Service Spotlight: Nikki Nelson' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings. Learn how she helps customers.
Our Customer Service Spotlight post features Nikki Nelson who is the Senior Customer Service Representative and has been with BizFilings for ten and a half years.  If you ever had trouble with filing for incorporation or getting the approvals you need for your business, chances are you would turn to Nikki. In short, Nikki helps solve problems. Nikki handles rejected and stalled filings to make sure that problems get resolved and customers get what they need to make their business a success. Filings can get rejected for a myriad of reasons ranging from compliance issues with the State to inconsistent information submitted with incorporation forms. Nikki is also skilled at company registration issues. She is patient, thorough and will be able to answer any questions you have about how to get your filing back on track. As a customer service team member, Nikki is equally helpful to her teammates as she is to her clients.  She can be counted on to answer questions and solve even the most complicated orders.  A natural nurturer, Nikki enjoys spending time with her family and being active. Cheers to Nikki! [caption id="attachment_9844" align="alignright" width="236"]customer service spotlight Meet The Team![/caption]