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Customer Profile: Happiness By The Jar

Published on Jul 16, 2013


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Katie Briggs, Owner of Happiness By The Jar, LLC recently started an “Of The Month” business, offering handmade, jarred goods. She incorporated with BizFilings, and provided us with some feedback about her experience. Happiness By The Jar Q. How did you find out about BizFilings? A. We found BizFilings online when looking for a registered agent.   Q. In short, what is your business about? A. Stuff that makes you feel good, inside and out. We make all-natural edible and pampering/fun products, sold in mason jars. Our feel good goodies are available via subscription and a la carte.   Q. What made you decide to incorporate? A. I wanted to protect my personal assets as well as improve the image of my business.   Q. What were you surprised to discover after registering your company? A. I was recognized and approached by a PR firm, which was a new experience.   Q. Has incorporating changed the way you run your business? If so, how? A. Not yet…Stay tuned!   Q. If we were to feature one thing about your company, what would you like the BizFilings audience to know about? A. My Happiness by the Jar Subscription customers have been thrilled with receiving my goodies every month. “It’s like Christmas every month!”   Q. What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur? A. Network, network, network! And expose people to your products (free if you can), so they can help spread the word about how awesome they are.   Q. What do you see in the horizon for your company? A. Increased sales.   Q. What did you like the most about our filing for incorporation process? A. Excellent customer service!   Q. What’s one thing we could have done better to create a better experience for you? A. I have yet to have any issues with BizFilings.   Q. Would you recommend BizFilings to your friends? A. Yes!