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Best Practices for Content Marketing

Published on Aug 7, 2013


Read our article, 'Best Practices for Content Marketing' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
Our entrepreneurs have found that content marketing is essential to the success of their business and to their brand. Through blog posts, discussion boards and contributed articles to industry publications, you can build a voice for your business and start to reach untapped audiences through other avenues outside traditional advertising. Some would describe content marketing as a subtle art, where the reader’s opinion is shaped in a certain direction. But any way you slice it, content marketing is another way to get your brand message heard by existing and potential customers. Here are some tips our entrepreneurs have shared to create a confident brand voice that can cut through the noise of big brand ad campaigns.
  • Tone down the sales speak. The objective with any blog or article is to have the reader absorb the full message. It’s best not to cloud the environment with pushy sales pitches or self-promotion. Try to implement a friendly voice, one that your reader can relate to. This is a perfect opportunity to show some of your personality, and in turn, give some personality to your brand!
  • Keep things short and sweet. Your message will resonate more with your audience if it’s short and to the point. A reader that has to work to read the material will lose attention and move on. Also, it’s best to write in terms your audience can understand, as opposed to the language in a press release or academic journal.
  • Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. You put the work into the blog post or article, so make sure your efforts aren’t wasted!  If it is a blog post, consider whether your partners would republish yours in exchange for you republishing theirs. If it is a bylined (contributed) article, many outlets will let you purchase a standalone reprint for unlimited use for a nominal fee. Also, if you have written a blog post that has been popular amongst readers, consider pitching the idea to a publication you would like to be included in and see if they would be interested in a contributed piece. You will then have the opportunity to tailor the existing blog post to fit the publication’s needs. This is an easy way to continue to build momentum and gain exposure to other audiences.
  • Include a call to action. While you want to strive for a neutral voice, always include a mini-bio at the end of any byline or contributed article, so that readers, if they are interested, will know where to go to learn more about you or your business.
Blog!We hope these tips will help you establish a voice for your brand and reach new customers with content marketing! If done right, content marketing can not only help your business expand into other more creative markets but also help you build a personality for your business that others can relate to. Best of luck!