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Incorporation Service Customer Spotlight: THRIVE Intelligence

Published on Aug 14, 2013


Our customer spotlight: THRIVE Intelligence, highlights how BizFilings' incorporation service helped the company succeed at the next level.
THRIVE Intelligence, a BizFilings customer, offered some thoughts on our incorporation service, and how it enabled the business to succeed and grow. Through a social media questionnaire, THRIVE explains their experience working with BizFilings. Thrive Customer Company Twitter Handle:  @THRIVEIntel     Company LinkedIn Info: http://www.linkedin.com/company/thrive-intelligence     1. How did you find out about BizFilings?   Founders Card, a global community of over 10,000 entrepreneurs and innovators, listed BizFilings as a resource we should look at for incorporation service.   What is the name of the company that we helped you form?   THRIVE Intelligence, LLC   2. Please give a brief description of your business.   THRIVE Intelligence provides video security as a service by combining event-based video monitoring, edge-based analytics, audio intervention, and other alarm monitoring services. Using an unprecedented combination of technologies, analytics, and real-time monitoring by Security Intervention Specialists, THRIVE operates a Centralized Command Center in Dallas, Texas.   3. What made you decide to incorporate?   We felt incorporation was needed as we sought to provide our services across the Nation.   4. What did you like the most about our incorporation service?   Incorporation through BizFilings was very easy and felt secure.  We chose BizFilings based on the Company’s reputation.   5. What’s one thing we could have done better to create a better experience for you?   It has been very easy.  BizFilings’ customer service is great and the website is easy to use. I don’t have any suggestions for improvement.   6. Has incorporating changed the way you run your business?  If so, how?   Incorporation has not changed the way we run THRIVE.   7. If we were to feature one thing about your company, what would you like the BizFilings audience to know about it?   THRIVE can provide real security (not perceived security) while at the same time helping many companies (mostly those using guards) to lower their costs and increase their bottom line.   8. What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur?   Don’t quit!   9. Would you recommend BizFilings to your friends?   Absolutely.