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Five Tips for Developing Captivating, Sharable Social Media Content

Published on Sep 16, 2013


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Facebook changed the game for marketers. A successful social media campaign is not as much about sharing your message as convincing others to share your message. You can do this by figuring out exactly what kind of content your audience is willing to share. A short process of experimentation will generally give you an idea of what sort of content you should be producing and curating for your audience. social media Here are 5 baseline concepts to try out for your incorporation’s social media campaign.   Inspiration The workday is generally punctuated by short visits to various social media websites. A good way to inspire likes, shares and comments is to provide your incorporated company’s audience inspirational content that will give them a much-needed boost in the middle of their long workday. Inspiring content including quotes, encouraging notes, or other anecdotes from admirable, successful businesses will likely prove effective in engaging your audience. Even consider going so far as to soliciting submissions from your audience to make them feel an integral part of your social media community.   Humor After forming a corporation, use humor to relate to your incorporated business’ audience. If your incorporation has a design team, you might consider enlisting the help of one of your artists to build a weekly comic targeted toward current or potential customers. Creating and disseminating anything uniquely relatable and funny will leverage your social media presence and help your company stand out amongst competitors.   Take note of your competition Understanding your competitor’s social media content is crucial when determining what your social campaign is lacking. Research campaigns in similar industries to your own, and figure out what your page is missing by reworking and improving upon the ideas, successes and shortcomings of your competitors.   Distribute your marketing budget according to virality Facebook is, if anything, a numbers game. The statistics behind every post on your incorporated company’s page are very easily accessible. A good method to vetting posts for paid promotion is to research which are receiving the most likes, shares and comments. Be sure you – or someone on your team – diligently monitors the analytics behind your Facebook posts, and distribute your marketing budget according to the organic virality of your previous posts.   Ask your audience a question Whether you are sharing an image, quote or article, you should always embed some sort of call to action within every piece of your content. Asking your audience a question will encourage increased involvement in the comment section and allow their voice to be heard.   Social media is one of the select avenues where starting a dialogue with your customers is entirely possible – and also incredibly simple. Unlike other areas of business incorporation and startups, social media focuses less on branding and more on engagement, because your message will be devoured by someone who loves the content your incorporated business is sharing. The only way to achieve true success in social media is through constant experimentation, and there is no time like the present to get started!