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How To Take Your Customer Service To The Next Level

Published on Sep 26, 2013


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The real test for your customer service is determined by the return customer, not the first timer. A good experience, during every visit, encourages customers to tell their friends and partners about what a surprisingly great time they had working with you. Superior customer service isn't something that can be outlined by secret shopper reports, it's something that starts with the hiring process during and after company formation and ends with a smile on your customer's face.   Here are some questions from our business experts to help you along the way, from building a customer service team to enhancing the one you may already have. Customer Service! How do you hire for customer service skills?   A good corporate culture is the best way to passively build your customer service. It may seem like a no-brainer, but hiring someone who will be a value-add to your company, both from a service and skill perspective, is critical. An employee that enjoys who they work with will have more success delivering quality service to your customers. Also, establishing a unified team means your customers will come to expect a consistent positive experience that keeps them coming back to your business. Also, if you're running a brick and mortar retail store, then try to keep your employees working at the same time every week. It will help the customer associate a good experience with a Company representative, which contributed to building a great customer relationship!.   Who is your customer?   Identifying who your frequent customer is will help you provide the best service for that group. But first, we recommend taking inventory of all of your customers and what their needs are to better serve the entire base. Then, it will be easier to tailor your sales force to fit their needs. What is the average age of walk-ins to your business? What are your repeat customers purchasing? If your customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, offer comment-cards that ask questions that help you get a better idea of what they'd like to see from your business. Develop a personal relationship with your regulars, ask them how they're doing, and discuss everyday topics with them. Learning who your evangelists are will help you build your fan base and word-of-mouth advertising.   How will you best approach customer concerns?   A complaint from a customer isn't generally the fault of a specific employee; it's more a reflection of an imbalanced business practice. Is your management team setting a bad example? Are you encouraging a too-casual atmosphere? It’s important to deal with concerns head-on in a professional manner, while also rethinking your day-to-day interactions. This will help you train future employees and maintain a communicative corporate environment for both you and your customer.   Good customer service never stops improving. Taking customer concerns to heart, learning about them, and constantly improving your business around what your customers would like to see will make shopping with you an awesome experience.