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Top 5 Small Business Blogs

Published on Oct 21, 2013


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blogging Stories about how blogs help small businesses reach out to customers, get known, attract buyers and grow their companies are common. Blogging has become a powerful platform through which small businesses can circulate informative and practical content to their audience. With so many small business blogs out there, it can be quite a challenge to find a blog that focuses on the topics that are vital to your success as an entrepreneur. We highlighted our top 5 that provide content that matters for your business incorporation! Quora If you are planning on starting a business or are a relatively new business owner, then Quora is a blog that should make your A list. Structured in a Q & A format, business experts answer questions on a plethora of topics that concern small business incorporations and businesses in their infancy. Un-Marketing Those looking for practical advice on branding and marketing should check out Scott Stratten’s insightful tips on how to engage your customers with innovative business and marketing strategies. A business and marketing expert and bestselling author, Scott is all about entrepreneurs positioning themselves as a trusted expert in front of their target market. LinkedIn Today This uniquely formatted blog uses certain algorithms to compile articles that are relevant to individuals, based on your LinkedIn profile. This is great for a small business incorporation owner that is looking for a single platform as their go-to for the latest business news and current events. The Sales Lion If you are looking for specific ways to concentrate and maximize your marketing efforts, then check out The Sales Lion. This blog centers on content and inbound marketing strategies and techniques. It is a community of passionate people looking to network and create innovative and effective ways to increase the reach of small businesses. Brazen Life This blog is great for those starting a business, as well as those who are working in management positions for small companies. Topics covered include social media engagement, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, and more.