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How to Run a Business like a Champion

Published on Oct 23, 2013


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When you think of champions, what comes to mind? Sports figures?  Military battles?  America’s Got Talent?  Regardless of their competitive playing field, all champions share common qualities that allow them to best their challengers.  These qualities translate well to the business world.  As you make plans to incorporate and manage your business, consider how you can employ these characteristics to your advantage:

Determination:  Having the persistence to keep going, in spite of discouragements and set-backs, is crucial to starting a successful business.  A prospective client may say no the first three times you talk, but agree to a purchase during meeting number four. Preparation: No athlete ever won a medal without significant time and energy invested in practicing, training, and preparing for the big game.  Do your homework.  Research the market, your competitors, prospective customers, potential investors and every other aspect of your business incorporation so that you can take advantage of any opportunity that may arise. Vision: Know your goal and keep it in mind at all times.  It will help to motivate you and ensure your efforts stay focused. Integrity: When facing a dilemma, do the “right” thing, not necessarily the “easy” thing.  You’ll build trust and goodwill with your partners, customers and employees, which will yield tremendous pay-offs in terms of brand and reputation.