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A Second Career Success Story

Published on Apr 30, 2009


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Early retirement wasn't what Rich Halbeisen wanted or expected after a 30-year engineering career with IBM. In November of 2007 he was one of a number of employees asked to take early retirement as a cost savings measure. This enterprising 51-year-old went back to school at a local community college and in the summer of 2008, he received his home inspection license. As he was building his appraisal business, he met up with Fern Wright, another "ex-IBMer" with a complementary skill set, and they began talking about starting a Home Inspections business that served the same real etate market as Rich's appraisal business. A few weeks after Fern and Rich formed their AccuCheck Home Inspection, LLC in Charlotte, NC they learned they won the $5,000 Grand Prize in the BizFilings $5K Giveaway Sweepstakes. "I couldn't believe it," Rich said. "Winning that $5,000 prize will be a big help in covering some of our start-up business expenses. Saving money on their LLC formation was a big reason Fern chose online incorporator BizFilings, Rich said. "I know what attorneys cost, and this is a better deal. You get the same service and it's less expensive. Plus, Fern formed a different company with BizFilings a few years ago and had a positive experience, so the choice was easy." "Our goal is to build the business slowly, get the equipment we need, learn and connect with others, basically, build a good foundation and be ready when the market rebounds," Rich said. Congratulations Rich and Fern. No matter if you're dealing with early retirement or a lay-off, there is always a way to move forward and have success with a second career, especially if that career is one where you are your own boss.  Remember Rich and Fern - good things and a little luck may be just around the corner.