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When Is The Time To Trust Yourself To Start A Business?

Published on May 7, 2009


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It was the early 1900's, and a young woman with little more than trust in herself, the support of her family, and a dream of what she loved to do, started a business creating cloth dolls. This young woman worked tirelessly to sell her cloth dolls door to door, and still received minimal funding. She slowly succeeded in growing her business on her own, but still carried loan rejections from nearly every bank in her area. This pattern continued for nearly four years. At the end of her fourth year, this young woman caught her first big break with a major sale to FAO Schwarz. On that day, this poor young woman who for so long carried her cloths dolls door to door became, Madame Alexander, known the world over for Madame Alexander Dolls. Such is the tale of success that opens Peter Bregman’s recent commentary piece on CNN titled "No Job?  Create Your Own!" Bregman opens with the story of Madame Alexander to illustrate a remarkable point regarding the question: When is the right time to start a business? Madame Alexander began her company during a time where the odds could not be more against her. A 20 year old woman living in times of economic distress, with no funding or business experience, knew she was entering into a world of risk. However, she also knew what she loved.  And she knew that with times as uncertain as they were, she had just as good a chance starting a new business, as she would seeking a career.  She trusted herself to make it work. And work it did. Several times over. Today’s displaced workers find themselves in a similar situation. The employment opportunities they are used to may not be coming back. For these displaced workers who carry a dream, Bregman’s sage advice is to simply start. "Don't wait until you come up with the perfect idea," states Bregman. "You'll be better off if you work out the kinks as you face them. Just get started." Bregman’s concludes his article: "Madame Alexander had a wise model for finding work. She started a business doing work she loved, with people she loved, solving a problem others were willing to pay money to have solved. It was a small company that took very little investment but gave her and others meaningful, sustainable work." Trust yourself, and trust in your dream, and there will truly never be a better time than now to start a business.