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Expect the unexpected when interviewing candidates

Published on May 6, 2010


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As a small business owner, you may have two employees or 20. But I’m certain you had to interview them. And maybe like American Idol, you’ve had some rather – shall we say - interesting candidates. Unexpected things at job interviews I’d like to take this opportunity to share one job interview that stands out in my mind and has so for 22 years! Before attending college, I moved to Minneapolis for a few years to gain some life experience. (I certainly did by the way coming from a family farm in Wisconsin.) I chose to temp for a stint and interviewed with a well-known agency. When I met with the hiring manager, I walked in the room, and she cried. (I thought maybe it was something I was wearing.) Sadly, she had not expected me to be so young and had just lost her daughter in a tragic car accident. Not knowing what to do, I hugged her, and told her how sorry I was. Needless to say, she always made sure I had work and continued to send me holiday cards long after I left Minneapolis. It made me realize that even hiring managers are human. I’d love to hear about your stories from interviewing your own candidates or being interviewed before you owned your own business! What lessons did you take away? Are there questions you don’t bother to ask anymore for fear of what the answers will be? If you'd like to learn more about interviewing candidates, review this post on hiring that first employee.