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Don't Overlook Google and LinkedIn For Social Marketing

May 12, 2010, 22:08 PM by
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A few weeks ago, I addressed the topic of Facebook's new features. But it is also important to talk about the new social marketing tools Google and LinkedIn have added to their service portfolio. social marketing for business To sum it up, Google and LinkedIn now offer add-ons aimed at helping small business owners. LinkedIn recently lifted the veil of its "Follow Company" feature, offering a deeper insight into profiles of companies that are promoting and hiring. The advantage of this LinkedIn tool is that you will be in the know about new developments, job opportunities or business opportunities within companies that interest you. If you are an independent public relations consultant, you may have an eye on a particular company that you've been dying to do public relations for. Suddenly, that company announces that it is seeking a fresh approach to media relations. Start typing the proposal because opportunity has knocked! Google on the other hand introduced its newly enhanced Local Business Center as Google Places. Following in the path of its introduction of Place Pages, containing reviews, images and other information about a company pooled from Web sources, Google announced that a business will be able to underline something special occurring at the store. Business owners can benefit from this feature by adding a little extra "oomph" to the description - a sale, an event, chocolate chip cookies to the first 100 customers on a particular day. Personalization also fits into the Place Page equation with companies being able to request a free photo shoot from Google in certain cities. Google's vice president, John Hanke,  pointed out that one in five Google searches relate to location - noting that The Google Places dashboard will offer customized bar codes that customers can take with them directly to a business owner's place page. They can be plugged into smartphones and scanned into marketing materials, promoting tremendous opportunities for strategic marketing plans. If you'd like to learn more about following companies on LinkedIn, take a peek at this helpful YouTube video.  The Google blog also features helpful information on Google Places. Please feel free to share how these social marketing tools are working for you. Have you tried them yet? What will you do differently in promoting your business?