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Thinking About Launching A Ferry Boat Business? Now Is The Time.

Published on Jun 3, 2010


Read 'Thinking About Launching A Ferry Boat Business? Now Is The Time.' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
opportunityIf you're thinking about starting a business in 2010, Inc. Magazine provides a springboard for the best industries. Reporters combed and audited data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and from private research groups to arrive at their interesting list. Here are the industries tagged as being the most promising industries for starting a business in 2010:
  • Crafts and Vintage Clothes Online - Savvy with making jewelry? Handy with a thread and needle? Consider breaking into this business. Independent merchants have plenty of places in Cyberspace to call home, including eBay and RubyLane.
  • Exam Prep and Tutoring - Share your knowledge while earning profits. A demand is present for expertise in subjects like language and music. Both adults and kids are customers.
  • Environmental Consulting - It ain't easy being green. Kermit the Frog was on to something. That's why individuals and businesses are on the hunt for skilled workers to assist them. Greening homes and businesses is customized for independent contractors with the know-how to install environmentally friendly gadgets.
  • Translation Services  - The translation and interpretation services industry is positioned for growth beyond its $2.7 billion market status. The U.S. military and businesses expanding overseas are the primary customers.
  • Fun and Games - Catering to hobbyists and crafters opens up another small business idea in the marketplace. According to Inc., stores that sell toys and games have been outdoing the overall retail industry with growth of 9 percent! So put the toy car down and go sell it!
  • Tea and Healthy Drinks - Concoct a healthy beverage, and you may carve yourself a niche in a growing industry.
  • Self-Storage Leasing - As Americans we love to hang onto stuff - i.e. knick-knacks and dust collectors.  (That's why shows such as Hoarders have become popular.) With low overhead, you may want to join the ranks of other independent business people to share in the success. (And to serve the hoarders.)
  • Mobile Application Design - Listen up all of you programmers, designers and developers, mobile application design is where it's at. The introduction of iPad and Android phones have opened up a new frontier. It's your chance to become a pioneer in a blooming industry!
  • Bakeries - Carbs are back! Hooray! Bagel and pastry shops are growing at 5 percent a year. If you have a recipe your friends and relatives rave about, you might consider setting up shop.
  • Ferryboats - I know, I know. Really? Yep, the Great Lakes and the Pacific Northwest coastal are already flooded with privately run ferry services for commuters and tourists. Ferryboats are indeed making a comeback with the help of new federal spending for fostering the building process.
I bet you are surprised by some of these budding industries. Do you see other potentially prospering businesses for 2010? What kind of business would you consider starting and why?