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Whether You Run A Rural or Urban Business, Protecting Your Assets Is Essential

Published on Jun 22, 2010


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assetsAfter five years, Nebraska native Katrina Fey is making a successful go of it with her homemade gourmet jellies and syrups - once peddled out of the back of her van at a farmer's market. And John Marquis started out in the basement of his home reinventing a men's fragrance, and currently has online vendors selling his cologne and aftershave to customers in 50 states and 31 countries. Fey and Marquis were recently featured in an article on ABCNews.com, highlighting the recent spike in the number of rural entrepreneurs, who are taking their recipes and wares to a whole different level. More and more ruralists are touting items such as time-saving machines originally rigged up as on-the-spot inventions, or they are selling from scratch, baked goods made with the purest ingredients grown in their fields and gardens. Kudos to individuals like Fey and Marquis who are driving their motivation and passion beyond their rural fences to share their products with the world. Protect what you worked so hard to achieve But whether you ventured out of your cubicle or garage or back yard, as enterprising small business owners and self-employed industrialists you should always note that protecting the personal assets you have worked so hard to earn should be at the top of your priority list. That's what incorporating your small business is designed to do. Incorporated businesses also benefit from lower tax rates, added credibility and perpetual existence, meaning companies that are incorporated can virtually survive forever. So whether you are a rural entrepreneur or a small business owner, I'd love to hear your stories of how you got your start. What inspired you to leave the corporate cubicle or expand your garden for broader horizons?