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Cloud Computing Offers New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Published on Dec 14, 2010


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For the crafty and resourceful among us, even the most discouraging situation can be turned into an opportunity. As the national unemployment rate stubbornly hovers at 9.8 percent and a full-scale economic recovery still appears far off, many unemployed Americans have turned to forming a company as a means for getting back to work. These so-called "accidental entrepreneurs" may have contributed to a large portion of entrepreneurial activity over the past few years. According to a November study by Microsoft, 50 percent of entrepreneurs cited the recession as a chief factor in motivating their decision to launch a new business. What's more, 75 percent of respondents claimed to be solo entrepreneurs, relying on technology to grow their ventures. The advent of cloud computing has made such enterprises even more viable. Cloud computing services allow users access to technologies and software on a pay-as-you-go basis, freeing up expenses that would have otherwise been spent on costly servers and hosting platforms. However, these services are somewhat of a double-edged sword as they tend to replace jobs. Still, as small businesses employ nearly 50 percent of the private U.S. workforce, entrepreneurship and small business development should be promoted as a top priority.