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Many Small Businesses Asserting Problem is Not Tax Credits But Low Demand

Dec 20, 2010, 23:54 PM by
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In light of Thursday night's Congressional passage of the $801 billion tax credit package, many small business owners are pointing out that it is not tax credits that businesses are in need of - it is greater demand. "I don't think (the tax cuts) will matter much at all. I have such confidence in my business that even without the tax cuts I would have taken the money off my home line," small-business owner Susan Povich, referring to a credit line on her home mortgage, told Reuters. President Barack Obama's tax plan, which passed through the House of Representatives at midnight Thursday night, will extend Bush-era tax cuts that would have expired at the end of this year until 2012 - a measure Republicans have touted as crucial in promoting business growth and job creation. However, the private sector is currently sitting on a massive trove of liquid assets which, in light of economic conditions, they are merely hesitant to spend. According to Federal Reserve data, as of September, $1.9 trillion in cash is currently held by private business, accounting for 7.4 percent of total company assets - the highest rate in more than 50 years. With such a bounty of funds waiting to be unleashed, economists and lawmakers have been trying to determine measures to provoke spending and hiring on a massive scale - a surefire kick-start to entrepreneurs forming a company and widespread economic recovery.