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Small Businesses Beginning to Appreciate the Use of iPads and Other Tablet Computers

Dec 20, 2010, 23:49 PM by
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Sonoma County, California, with its vast expanses of antique wineries, grape vineyards and old-fashioned appeal, is not the place one would expect to find widespread adoption of one of the most cutting-edge technological products on the market: the Apple iPad. But at the Jordan Winery in Healdsburg, company executives recently purchased 97 of the tablet computers for each of their employees. The devices are used by sales staff to pitch products to customers, train sommeliers and educate visitors to the winery. Workers even use the computers to gauge temperature and quality control among the facility's wine and fermentation tanks. "Five years ago you'd go in with pictures in a book, flyers and magazines - everything was done with paper," Lisa Mattson, director of communications at Jordan Winery, told The Street. "Now we're at a point where we can have this really cool dynamic presentation that people can move with their fingers, and see beautiful imagery that goes way beyond the two-dimensional world." But Jordan Winery is only one among a bounty of American small businesses that have begun adopting iPads en masse to help improve operations. A recent report by Techaisle found that more than 2 million small firms have purchased iPads since their debut, registering an adoption rate of 20 percent. As next-gen iPads are expected in the coming year along with new tablet computers from Google, Microsoft and others, many see the emergence of the devices as critical in helping entrepreneurs starting a business.