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Creative Entrepreneurs and the Source of Ideas

Published on Dec 22, 2010


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Forming a company based on a single, novel idea is what drives many of today's leading entrepreneurs and idea-focused startups. But the rise of the "idea entrepreneur" has led to new thoughts on how to most effectively brainstorm and enter that "creative mindset." As far back as the 1940s, writers, entrepreneurs, artists and other creative-based professionals have argued that creativity is essentially a muscle. In a recent article in the New York Times Magazine, David Segal recollects a 1948 book by Alex F. Osborn, in which the author suggests that with enough "exercise," anyone can become creative. What is needed is the suspension of judgment in a brainstorming session. The idea is similar to that of meditation, during which people are able to subdue the mind's natural scrutiny of its own thoughts and surroundings. Creativity, Osborn argued, stems from this very lack of judgment. Entrepreneur and management consultant Eric Haseltine told the New York Times Magazine that ideas essentially come from a void of distractions. "Tuning in requires tuning out," he said, "but few people realize how much they are tuning out at any given moment so they can focus on whatever they are focusing on." Dev Patnaik, co-founder and CEO of the idea generation firm Jump Associates, told the magazine: "Why do you have great ideas when you’re in the shower? You're at ease. Your sense of judgment is quieted, you’re making nonlinear connections, you’re more likely to come up with great ideas. A shower is basically meditation for amateurs."