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Social Entrepreneurship Movement Continues to Grow

Published on Dec 27, 2010


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Social entrepreneurs are part of an emerging class of business professionals who are applying their startup skills and experience toward social concerns. The recent Ashoka Twin Cities Solutions Forum defined social entrepreneurship as exploring "how business principles can be applied to solve social problems," according to the event's invitation. Jill Vialet is one such social entrepreneur whose company Playworks places counselors in elementary school cafeterias and playgrounds in an attempt to promote health and physical education, according to the Minneapolis Post. The company, based in San Francisco, has been growing rapidly and has recently received a new round of funding to help further its development. "I have a cost-effective solution to the principals’ group management problem at lunch time and recess,” said Vialet, describing her business model at the recent forum. "The movement I'm building is about education reform. I have a business, and I'm also trying to build a movement." The Clinton Global Initiative in New York City last September examined the growth of social entrepreneurship. Some of the entrepreneurs at that conference had a more worldwide approach to the idea, including one venture that promotes job creation for women in Africa.