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Study Finds Link Between Employee Satisfaction and Environmental Awareness

Published on Feb 9, 2011


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One might expect that employee morale is intricately linked to the financial performance of a company. But new research suggests there is no such link and that, quite surprisingly, employee satisfaction stems from an entirely different area: environmental conscience. A study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth published this week in the journal Interdisciplinary Environmental Review found employees are more likely to be happy with their job if their company is considered to be environmentally friendly. "The results of our study confirm our first hypothesis by revealing that there is a significant positive relationship between perceived environmental performance and employee satisfaction," wrote researchers Cassandra Wilson and Adam Sulkowski. "One can say with 99.9 percent confidence that the relationship exists as hypothesized." The study was conducted among 113 companies from the S&P 250, representing an array of sizes, industries and services. Perhaps even more surprising is that the study found no connection between employee happiness and financial performance. For entrepreneurs forming a corporation, the study may offer valuable insight for hiring practices as well as a point to consider when forging new company policies and operational procedures. We established a BizFilings green committee a few years ago and have been continually adding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint even since - from smaller things such as copying and printing on both sides of the paper and eliminating disposable cups - to larger energy saving initiatives. One of our favorite projects is our Adopt a Highway program. We've uncovered a number of interesting things over the years! We'd love to add to our list. What are some of the programs and changes you have implemented in your business to reduce your impact on the environment?