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Lemonade From Lemons: Turning Heartbreak Into a Business Opportunity

Published on Feb 11, 2011


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While forming a company might not be the foremost thing on a person's mind in the wake of a painful breakup, a recent guest column in the Wall Street Journal gives several examples of people who were able to turn tragedy into a working business. One such successful entrepreneur, Joshua Opperman, returned home one day to find his fiancée and all her belongings absent, aside from the $10,000 engagement ring he had bought her, WSJ said. After the jeweler from whom he had purchased the ring offered him a fraction of that price, Opperman started website IdoIdont.com to provide a markup-free space for people to buy and sell jewelry. Former TV news reporter Ellie Scarborough told the source she founded PinkKisses.com after being dumped just before Valentine's Day 2009. The site offers gifts for women in the throes of a break-up, including a series of pick-me-up emails, remote makeovers and - naturally - chocolate. Even the most unpleasant situations can sometimes have a silver lining, and success in one area of life can frequently help ease the pain of setbacks in another. Did you start a business as a result of an unusual circumstance? Let us know - we'd love to hear your story.