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Tech Startup Bought Out by BlackBerry Maker RIM

Feb 14, 2011, 11:04 AM by
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The makers of an innovative utility that allows users to manage contact information over email and social networks have been bought out by Research In Motion, which manufactures BlackBerry smartphones. RIM senior vice president of the BlackBerry Platform Alan Brenner said the company was looking forward to working with the Gist staff, all of whom will stay on at the new parent company. "We're excited that the Gist team is joining RIM and bringing their expertise in providing customers with a contextualized, streamlined and consolidated view of information about their contacts to the BlackBerry platform," Brenner said in an entry on the company's official blog. Gist, for its part, said the team was delighted to become a part of RIM. "This is a huge step towards our goal of utilizing the web-based Gist experience to allow users to build stronger professional relationships," Gist said in its own blog entry. The dream of many tech entrepreneurs is to be bought out by one of the wealthy giants of the field, and some experts say that even if this isn't the goal, new companies should behave as though it were.