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How the Recession Has Forged a New Generation of Workers

Published on Mar 2, 2011


Read our article, 'How the Recession Has Forged a New Generation of Workers' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
Recessions tend to be fueled by vicious cycles - wherein high unemployment stalls consumer spending, which straps businesses' finances, tightens private lending, cuts tax revenue and, finally, kills jobs and hiring trends. Of course, this is an overly simplified explanation of how economic volatility operates, but it is nonetheless an important cycle to understand as the economy begins to emerge from the recession and employment begins to improve, however slightly. One unexpected trend born from the economic crisis has been greater self-employment and entrepreneurship among  job-seekers with skills that can be applied independently. Small businesses need to take this into consideration when forging hiring plans for the coming year. "It's tempting to grab an old job description. But the recession has triggered new trends in staffing," writes Kay McFadden for Inc. magazine. "More than ever, small firms need high-productivity, high-efficiency employees. That means evaluating beyond the position." The new generation of independent workers may have developed substantial self-employment skills, which make them strong job candidates and, more importantly, unwilling to take a job simply for the sake of a job. For more on this topic visit Toolkit.com: Recruiting and Hiring Avoiding Negligent Hiring Hiring Employees