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Forming a Company: Fear Versus Instinct

Mar 4, 2011, 10:26 AM by
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As the job market continues to improve - with recent reports showing gains in private sector employment, small business lending and even consumer spending - entrepreneurs forming a company are beginning to rejoice in anticipation of a widespread economic recovery this year. While most experts stop short of stating 2011 will see conditions return to pre-recession levels, they do expect the economy to slowly but surely recover. But as the rate of business filings increases, it is important to consider a chief motivating factor among entrepreneurs: fear. While fear has the power to cripple business ventures, it can also be used toward one's advantage, as the recognition of fear can serve as a means of separating the truly worthy endeavors from the truly irrational or downright insane ones. For that matter, it is important to understand the distinction between fear and instinct. "Sometimes listening to your gut will tell you you’ve got a great idea or that it's time to go for it," writes Karen Axelton for AllBusiness.com. "Other times listening to your gut will tell you that you're rushing into something too fearlessly, that it's time to slow down and consider your options."