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Lost Boy of Sudan Returns to Promote African Entrepreneurship

Published on Mar 11, 2011


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Earlier this week, the Kauffman Foundation announced that U.S. entrepreneurial activity reached its highest level in 15 years. While that report comes as good news for American businesses, a number of social ventures are beginning to focus on spreading entrepreneurship into some of the world's most economically disadvantaged areas. One example of this trend is Cupertino, California-based New Scholars, a company that seeks to promote entrepreneurship in Africa through startup guidance and investment from some of Silicon Valley's leading thinkers. This week, New Scholars announced the five winners of its Entrepreneurial Safari project, awarding two Kenyan and three Sudanese companies with a five-week-long incubation process that will eventually bring new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities to East Africa. New Scholars hopes the program will eventually spread to the rest of the continent. "The pending independence for Southern Sudan opens up possibilities for so many of us who have dreams of building the future of our country," said Garang Akau, co-founder of New Scholars. Akau is one of the original "Lost Boys of Sudan" who was displaced by the country's decades-long civil war. "With today's announcement, we know we've identified five individuals who possess the leadership qualities and drive required of entrepreneurs; they are excellent role models for the African communities where they will build their businesses," Akau added.