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How Markets are Evolving in 2011

Mar 18, 2011, 03:47 AM by
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As 2010 ended with a slight glimpse of economic recovery, many analysts and business leaders were quick to make their own projections for the coming year. Now that it is mid-March, it may be a good opportunity to take a look at some of those predictions and how they are unfolding. One of the areas most effected by the economic downturn was the number of companies looking to go public - a trend that was paralleled by declines in venture capital investment and private lending. However, as the economy is beginning a substantial rebound this year, highly-anticipated IPOs from the likes of Skype, LinkedIn and Kayak have all moved closer to a 2011 date. Meanwhile, perhaps the two most sought-after offerings - Facebook and Twitter - may be looking to 2012 IPOs. Another trend that took off last year was the new online group buying concept, led primarily by the market's leader, Groupon, which may also reach an IPO this year. But since Groupon, Living Social and other sites took off during the recession - when consumers were strapped for cash to begin with and, therefore, eating up the incredible deals these sites offered - it will be interesting to note how they emerge from the downturn when living frugal is less of a concern.