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The Cloud and the Separation of Salesmen and Managers

Mar 21, 2011, 06:45 AM by
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The rapid development of cloud computing as well as advances in mobile technology may contribute to an ever-evolving workforce in coming years, as employees will be able to work from home or travel according to the needs of the business, never missing a beat or company update along the way. "As organizations become more geographically distributed, they're going to try to access the best talent wherever they may be," Richard Lepsinger, president of New York virtual consultant OnPoint Consulting, told Inc. magazine. "They're also trying to get closer to the customer. Now, you have technology that you didn't have five years ago, and this whole notion of virtual teaming has become more prevalent." What these advances have provided is a means through which businesses can build dynamic sales forces entirely through the web - or the cloud - and forgo the traditional office-based politics. However, that does not mean the value of trust and leadership are gone. In fact, this new geographical separation between salesman and manager may require even stronger relationships than when initially forming a company. With that in mind, managers and business owners should establish personal connections and promote or encourage engagement with the company.